No we don’t follow the Enoch Calendar. I do know about it but not in intricate detail. Our understanding is that this calendar may have been used previously but at a far different time than what we live in now. It would be wonderful to have everything fall into place in exact order every month but we have had too many physical degradations to that system. Now we must look for whatever consistency we can find. So we follow a calendar that attributes Sabbath to the seventh day consistently. Although other calendars may be intriguing, for us it is far more important to accomplish Yahweh’s Word as best we can in this age. Therefore we know that counting 1,2,3,4,5,6, and Sabbath as the 7th day is something that can, and will, continue through eternity.

FOLLOW THIS LINK TO ENOCH CALENDAR- this site is NOT connected to my site but may be a resource for those choosing to follow that. But when you decide that this complicated lifestyle will not lessen the chaos in your life–Ya’ll come back now hear!