“For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.”–GALATIANS 5:1

Today is the 4th of July but it is completely different from and other I can remember. It definitely feels that we are enslavened right now to things and people who don’t necessarily desire a relationshp with me, people like me, Yeshua, Ruach HaKodesh or Yahweh. There is so much love for humanity and Abba that exudes out of true believers but those who have no faith try to separate us from our proper position in Yeshua. I chose the above verse because our freedom is from Christ/Yeshua Hamasiach and no one can take that away from us; so be encouraged! We don’t know our full journey but we have no doubt of our eventual destination! I just watched a documentary about the Founding Fathers. The youngest was only 30–how amazing that someone so young can have such a vision as to true freedom and was willing to be so focused on this freedom that nothing could stop him! That a well lived life! There can be nothing worse then being enslaved, freed, and then slip back…Yeshua thank you that I am given the same opportunities each day to chose NOT to be unequally yoked. May my life be LIVED in your GLORY!