Went to a PPAZ last night and was extremely disappointed. Over the last couple of months it has become increasingly apparent that the PPAZ doesn’t have a clue as how to operate. It seems that at the root of their disappointing actions is a ego big enough to pretty much fantasize about their own power. This is very sad for me because I had hoped that possibly becoming a member of their movement would be a positive change for this barrage of corrupt politics we are witnessing in my state of AZ. When we first came to a meeting in January I felt elated to have found fellow Constitutionalist who want the best for America. I was delighted to hear people proclaiming their love for Christ and for our state and for our country. This atmosphere filled with energy and hopefulness was very exciting to me. We have been so disappointed with the destruction of our beautiful nation –Election stealing was the wake up call because without proper election we are no less and no greater than a dictatorship. But those who wish to lead by absurd orders have no basis of understanding what is truly America and worthy of preserving. Behind each ne of these individuals has been a motivation of greed and power. Obviously as a believer I would never fall for this erroneous narrative. But fools fall over and over again! So seeking unity with fellow Americans I wanted to understand what could be done–this led me to PPAZ (I should have stayed home!)

Instead of staying home I actually volunteered to put together a newsletter for PPAZ because communication to “we commoners” is totally lacking. General Flynn called for grassroots operations but PPAZ is seeming self-focused with a genuine lack of the overall picture. I admit that I was probably gullible to think “man” could be any different; but because they prayed and said the Pledge of Allegiance before meetings I had hope…

I tried very hard to involve authors beyond myself who could report on party activities and gives us all a shared hope of accomplishments. A handful of people stepped forward and I was ecstatic that we were telling our stories across the country and nation to bind s as one. For my part I tried to put the newsletter together in a way to be all inclusive–something the PPAZ seem to neglect. They run their “vision” like a very few core group of people with no real want or desire to recruit opinions or actions from other patriots. Sure they love it when you volunteer to work and get signatures but I don’t think they are interested in speaking to anyone that doesn’t tow the line with their agenda. Sadly their agenda seems a lot more hype than actual results. I chalk it up to not really trusting anyone but their tight little group. It really makes me hate politics and politicking even more.

Their MO is to avoid situations they can not control and people they can not control. I now feel sorry for the volunteers they have working for them because they are strictly labor and not input. I can say this from what I say at the meetings and through working on the newsletter. I DO NOT work with PPAZ as a precinct person and maybe they do have input but whomever by precinct representative is, they have never been identified to me, and therefore have never asked me for an opinion or comment about anything. At first I felt sorry for –as they term themselves, “the leadership team”. I thought, “oh these people work so hard just let me help and sometime it will change–hopefully soon”. But I don’t see that happening instead I hear “Lip service”.

At first I was startled because they dismiss the AZ audits regularly. I’ve been told that they would like to work with everyone, but others choose not to work with them. I can tell you for my observation, that they don’t seek to hold hands and sing “Kumbaya” with anyone. Being i the audience of a PPAZ meeting is mostly self congratulatory and demeaning of people not associated with them. You know those ones making headlines because they are pressuring all along about Election Integrity. They state that as their platform as a party. However I’ve always wondered how they can demean and berate persons involved with audit so easily!

When they first started turning on President Donald J Trump I was disappointed but thought that whomever was speaking derogatorily of him was entitled to their opinion. But after, at minimum 3 consecutive meetings of Trump bashing I am agitated that still expect us to support their “cause” be treated like peons while bashing the one person who drew us all together! Man they have nerve and a great disillusionment as well. I’ve been waiting for them to prove my inklings about this wrong, having certainly given them the benefit of the doubt, but as time progresses I really can’t deny that they are extremely self involved and do not really encourage relationships with any patriots outside their immediate circle.

Each time we show up at meetings the message is all about “we are perfect” and “they are not performing to your benefit”. At first I thought maybe they had a point and that I should study the situation deeper. I am not part of any other groups like this one. I think what limited time I can contribute should really be towards one group rather than not perform well in all. But now I am wondering what other groups are out there that need help and are more inclusive than this one. I agree that the President Pro Tem seems to have a lot of gusto towards re-establishing our government in such a way that the people have a voice. However as the months progress I see it less as a “we” and more as a “me”.

Every couple of months they trot out Daniel McCarthy their little wonder boy. However–I don’t know him and I’ve always been a little trepidatious about how they place him on a pedestal. All I remember about his campaign is “Demand Daniel McCarthy”–this is stupid slogan. But now that I’ve heard him speak a few times I can see where “Demand” is probably accurate because these people don’t seem to want to be equal and negotiate for the betterment of all but be demanding. (more to come in a subsequent blog post)