I watched the better part of the AZ press conference today and was disappointed that this has to drag on longer but I felt more at ease to see the caliber of the persons managing the audit. I think they are very confident in their abilities and in the findings. It seems as if the presser was able to display the intricate detail to which the audit was conducted and if anyone fell short it was the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. To date they still have no documented chain if command for the ballots nor do they have the passwords or routers. Should the county be blocking the audit? I don’t think so, let’s bring it all into the light. Why be so afraid? These people who entered government to service the people don’t seem to have maintained that perspective. I heard during the conference that there is a question about 198K ballots because the paper is not from the ballot printer but instead appears to be run of from a printer. Why so many mistake ballots on election day? As someone who worked at the polls several times this error rate is not the norm. Something appears to be very wrong. I truly hope that truth comes out and justice is served. Yeshua needs to send His forces of angels to rectify the situation because I have no confidence in man…



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