I’ve been researching a little about the Founding Fathers of America because I believe they were truly blessed and anointed by Yahweh. The first thing I went to of course was a little historical background on whatever made each individual important for God’s purpose in establishing this country. The first person I looked into was Joh Jay because he was one of the Founder’s who wrote the Federalist Papers. These are something i studied as a undergrad and I was impressed by them at the time. However, when you are in school with a really heavy course load and work schedule you don’t have time to dwell on anything, This time I took the opportunity to find out about John Jay. I learned he definitely was a Christian believer and he was the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Without Joh Jay’s direction we may have not been on a straight path to accomplish the Father’s will. He directed the Ten Commandments be placed in the Supreme Court as a reminder as to whom we serve and who blesses. I bet the people who are anxious to say that the founders were not believers and they were slave owner elitists would have a field day! But reality is that John Jay did have slaves but for the purpose of given them their freedom! I read that he purchased the slave and set them free when whatever debt they acquired was satisfied. Subsequently I was a movie called the Kentuckian with Burt Lancaster. I watched this on the same day I was investigating John Jay. Lo and behold their was a slave girl who they called indentured–she wasn’t accepted by one character her deemed her a lowly person. But with others she was welcomed. You know what? The woman in the movie was white. We often forget that white people were indentured slaves too! I think that God has a purpose in everything and therefore it was purposeful that he had me watch that movie. I understood that in some ways slavery might have been more like what the bible considers slavery and debtors. I’ll write more about that later but first I’ll be sure to look up verses to companion what’s on my mind…For instance–What do we think about people who put themselves into debt constantly in order to have the trendiest, or “best”? I think material envy does society a lot of damage…



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